"From the beginning I was amazed how courageous and open these guys were willing to be. Our small group was great!" Tim A.

"This was really a chance to discuss sex, shame and God with a bunch of other gay men and it really made me proud to be a wonderful gay man" David M.

"I felt so incredibly safe that I was able to do some very important healing." Steve R.

"David Hoover's energy and spirit was so motivating and supportive that I really wanted to participate." Frank B.

"I thought I could never embrace spirit or God again but after this weekend I am ready to embrace both but in a gay-positive way."

"I would highly recommend this to my gay friends" Jamie G.

"When I went to work the next day, people asked me if I had been to a spa. They said I looked ten years younger" Brad W.

"This weekend has turned out to be a turning point in my life" Steve L.
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A Weekend for Gay Men