Welcome to Gay Spirits

Reconciling Your God with Your Gay Self
Have you, as a gay man, wanted a place to explore your inner self?

Would you like a safe place to talk about what it means to be spiritual AND gay?

The creators of GaySpirits believe that gay people have a long history of unique spiritual giftedness.

Come discover and explore your own spiritual path with GaySpirits.

David Hoover, M Div, LCSW is a nationally known trainer and facilitator and a gay man.

He and his team have created a gay friendly, sex positive, confidential space for gay men to embrace themselves as spiritual beings. GaySpirits is a Friday and Saturday weekend retreat that helps gay men reconcile their God with their gay selves.

To sign-up for the next GaySpirits weekend, call (301) 580-2953.
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A Weekend for Gay Men